Fauxshade: 16 shades, 2 finishes!

Fauxshade: 16 shades, 2 finishes!

What better way to change up your look than experimenting with different eyeshadow color combinations on your eyelids? 

 Alongside with Faux Fayc flagship store opening @ Plaza Singapura #B1-32A, a full range of makeup was being launched! In this blogpost, we are introducing to you...

- pigmented powder eyeshadow in a pot, available in 16 different shades (8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades as illustrated below)! 

8 Matte shades to add a natural touch of neutral colors to your lids 
8 shimmer shades to add shine to your lids and glam up your look! 
Fauxshade Matte consist of neutral colors that are very versatile and easy to work with, be it as a base color or to deepen the crease. By pairing them up with Fauxshade Metallic to give the lids a pop of shimmer, the eye makeup look will be effortlessly put together! 

(Fauxshade Kara (matte) as base, Fauxshade Accona (matte) to deepen crease and Fauxshade Polaris (metallic) to highlight the lids)

How they wore it? 

On Cassandra (@Caxs) - Fauxshade Caspian, Fauxshade Atlas and Fauxshade Accona

on Vanessa (@polkadope) - Fauxshade Ordos, Fauxshade Nyiri and Fauxshade Shaula

By purchasing eyeshadow pots individually, you can simply get the color you desire without having to buy an entire eyeshadow palette with colors that you may not utilize to their fullest!

However, we understand that a single eyeshadow color may not allow you to create your perfect eye look. 

Hence, we came up with a trio-eyeshadow palette - FAUXSHADE KRUSH
This palette allows you to customize 3 individual Fauxshade color into a single palette to form your perfect eyeshadow color combination! 

Fauxshade Krush is currently only available at our flagship store @ Plaza Singapura #B1-32A, we are still working on making it purchasable online as well!

So, come on down to test these babies out and try them on yourselves! Do feel free to approach our store staffs for assistance! :)