Nose Job Under 3 Minutes with Faux Fayc!

Nose Job Under 3 Minutes with Faux Fayc!

Contouring, the secret to Kim Kardashian's prominent cheekbones, slim nose and "ten-pounds thinner" effect, has been the IT trend of make up since 2015! 
However, we understand that altering the structure of your face can be intimidating. Hence, we have came up with a series of simple tutorial to guide you through the art of contouring! ;)

We will be demonstrating how you can achieve a slimmer and more defined nose structure in just 5 strokes.

In this post, we used:
Fauxstix Cream Contour - 75 Mile

Fauxstix Illumine - Castor

These cream contour and highlighting sticks are convenient to apply as you don't need brushes for application! Just simply blend them with your trusty sponge (Fauxtool Soft Focus Perfecting Sponge ;)) or using your fingers! 

Let us begin with a before-contour photo of our model: 

Apply Fauxstix Cream Contour down both sides of your nose and apply Fauxstix Illumine down the bridge and at the edges of the nose as shown below: 

Then, all you have to do is BLEND AWAY!! 

And viola, there you have it! An Au Naturel nose enhancement in just minutes!

For a better comparison: 
Before v.s. After! 
Stay tuned for more make up tips and tricks! 

With love,
Faux Fayc.