#FFMEMBER is a membership programme whereby members will receive exclusive benefits and privileges as they shop with Faux Fayc.  


How to become a #FFMEMBER? 
Simply spend $80 in our physical store (Downtown Gallery #01-31) and be eligible for the membership programme. You will receive your #FFMEMBER card upon signing up! 

How does the reward system work?
Shop our products and your points accumulates from the first qualifying purchase. All members will earn 1 FFpoint per Singapore Dollar spent. The more points you accumulate, the more rewards and benefits you will receive from us! 

What can I exchange my accumulated FFpoints for? 

Can I choose to redeem other benefits other than those listed above (e.g. Cash) with my FFpoints?
No FFpoints may be exchanged or redeemed for cash or credit. You may exchange your FFpoints for products in accordance to what is illustrated above!  

Are there other benefits other than the reward scheme?

Yes! During your birthday month, you can redeem a Fauxstix Liquid Xctasy of your choice and also 20% in-store discount for a single receipt


Can I be a #FFMEMBER if I spend $80 on Faux Fayc's online store? 
Unfortunately, #FFMEMBER is only valid in Faux Fayc stores in Singapore, and is not applicable for our online store. We are still working on making it available online as well!

Is there an expiry date to the FFpoints?
No, there is no expiry date to FFpoints! HURRAY!

Be a part of our Faux Fayc family now!