Fauxshade Krush - Burgundy Haze

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Fauxshade Krush is a trio-eyeshadow palette, combining 3 individual Fauxshade colors into a single palette to form your perfect eye makeup look. As Fauxshade eyeshadows glide on easily onto your eyelids without creasing and fall-outs, eye makeup can never get easier! 

Faux Fayc has created 3 Fauxshade Krush with 3 different combinations for 3 different makeup styles - Burgundy Haze, Dreamy Gaze and Smoky Daze. 

Burgundy Haze is perfect for creating a reddish-brown hazy eye look. The 3 Fauxshade colors in this palette are Fauxshade Caspian, Fauxshade Atlas and Fauxshade Accona (from left to right). 

- Fauxshade Caspian is a taupe shade suitable for everyday wear. It has a matte finish and can be used as a base or a transition color. 

- Fauxshade Atlas is a dark bronze metallic shade, perfect for adding a pop of shine to your lids. 

- Fauxshade Accona is a dark cocoa color that can bring out the dimensions of your eyelids effortlessly. 

  • Pigmented eyeshadows

  • Travel-friendly

  • Easy application 

  • No creasing and fall-outs